Thorns in Minecraft: Each And Everything You Need To Know


Thorns in Minecraft

So what is a Thorn in Minecraft? It is an armour enchantment, usually in the shape of spikes, which a player can apply to the different parts of his body once he got higher levels in gameplay. It causes attackers (any player, creature or mob) to get damaged when they provide damage to the wearing player. These are kinds of spikes applied to any piece of the armor worn by the player. Thorn level III is actually the highest enchantment level of any item in the Minecraft game. It is important to note here that the enchantment will be getting more powerful as its level rises. 

So, this article will cover in detail thorns, how to get them in gameplay, how they work, and which items can be attached with thorns in Minecraft.

Purpose of Thorns in Minecraft

In Minecraft, different armours and weapons can quickly help a player survive the battle. “Thorne” tool is also among them. Its primary purpose in the game is to give damage to the enemy when they attack the player in the battle. There are three throne levels in this game from Throne I to III. Similarly, when other players or mobs attack you in the condition you wore the thorn enchantment, there are chances that they will take damage back from those armor pieces. The attacker’s damage may be a physical attack or a knockback. For this tool to be working, it should be worn by the player during the attack.

The chances of damage can be calculated using the 15%xL formula, where L is the enchantment level. Meaning that, Thorne of level I gives damage to 15%, whereas Level III can give damage up to 45%.

Also, the damage created by the throne enhancements will go from hit points 1 to 4 (equal to half to two points). Also, each of the four possible points will have a 25% chance of occurring.  

Also, suppose you are wearing more than one piece of armour enchanted with those thorns. In that case, the damage will stack additively with each piece adding a chance of dealing with damaging the attacker independently. 

How To Get Thorns in Minecraft:

There are different ways a player can get Thorns in Minecraft. In the gameplay, a player can achieve Thorns level I and II from drops, fishing in rivers, by trading with different villagers, or looting from generated structures. Whereas, Throne III can be obtained by using the enchantment table.

How to get Thorns I and II?: 

Now, the First power level of thorns may be unlocked by the use of the table. As an amateur player, this technique of having thorns is a bit of difficulty. However, a clear technique to get those levels are via means of locating in game naturally like fishing, looting drops, and buying and selling with a neighborhood villagers for the powerup.

Other than looting random resources, one can also obtain them by looting generated structures. 

A generated structure is any natural or man-made structure that is found in biomes or alternative dimension throughout the minecraft gameplay. Types of generated structure in Minecraft are;

  • Underground structure

Ancient City‌



Buried treasure

  • Aboveground structure

Desert Pyramid


Jungle temple

Pillager Outpost

Swamp Hut


Woodland Mansion

  • Underwater structures

Ocean Ruins


Ocean monument

Buried treasure

  • Miscellaneous structures-like features


Desert Well

Forest rock




  • The Nether (aboveground and underground structure)

Nether fortress

Bastion Remnant

Nether Fossil

Ruined Portal

  • The End

End City

Getting Thorn III from enchantment book:

Thorn level III in Minecraft can’t be immediately received by using an enchantment table. It can be received with the use of an anvil that mixes thorn II enchantments to create thorn III. It also can be received from villagers buying and selling with them or locating an enchanted object with Thorn III carried out withinside the loot chest.

Another way of finding Thorn III is finding structures in the enchanted book.

Getting thorns from commands:

There is another way to get any level thorns and even thorn III by using enchantment commands in gameplay. Following are the commands

Thorns I:

/enchant @p thorns 1

Thorns II:

/enchant @p thorns 2

Thorns III:

/enchant @p thorns 3

Get ten thorns:

/give @p Minecraft: thorns 10

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Places to find loot chests with Thorns III enchantment book in Minecraft:

Following are the generated structures from where a player can find a loot chest with thorns III armour in Minecraft.

  • Underground structures
  • Mineshaft
  • Stronghold
  • Underwater structures
  • Ocean Ruins
  • Aboveground structures
  • Desert Pyramid
  • Jungle Pyramid/Jungle Temple
  • Pillager Outpost
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Miscellaneous structures
  • Dungeon

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Finding loot chests with Thorns III armour in Minecraft:

A list of generated structures from which a player can find a loot chest with thorns III enchantment book in Minecraft is below.

  • Underwater structures
  • Shipwreck
  • Small structures
  • Ruined nether portal
  • The Nether
  • Bastion Remnant
  • Ruined nether portal
  • The End
  • End City

How the Thorns enchantment works in Minecraft:

A player can add the Thorns enchantment to any piece of Armour on his body parts such as his helmet, on chest plates, on leggings, on the boots and thrills. Minecraft players who previously don’t have armour can relate to this model of wearing armour, which details how to draft a complete set of iron armour.

Minecraft players can also gain armour by killing various hostile mobs, sacking from specific structure caskets, or buying pieces from armourer towns.

Attackers who assault a participant with the thorn appeal will constantly take harm while the impact procs, regardless of what shape of fight is used. As an illustration, the proc will nonetheless have the identical impact for assaults from ruckus hits, arrows, or certainly a snowball.

The real individual who attacked the participant carrying Thorns’ entranced armor will even go through a small knockback impact.

There are 3 conditions of the thorn appeal that gamers can get below everyday situations in survival mode. Each function of the appeal will precipitously grow the danger for the avenge impact to procs.

When the impact of the enchantment appeals, gamers deal among 1/2 of a coronary heart to 2 hearts really well worth of harm to the truth who attacked them.

The most quantum of harm that a participant can cope with whilst combating with any mob attacking him, is hearts in keeping with strike. Unfortunately, gamers are not appropriate to deal anyone additional harm than this in a single proc.

A Minecraft player can wear as many pieces of thorn enchanted armor as he wishes to, but it will only ever be suitable to deal a limited amount of damage.

Still, every new piece of Thorn enchanted armour has its very own impartial hazard to proc. The way that gamers can maximise their possibilities for procs via means of getting the thorn appeal on all four of their armour pieces.

The most effective manner for gamers to get one hundred hazards to deal harm with Thorns is to apply press commands.

Which Items can be Enchanted With Thorns?:

In Minecraft, you can enchant these items with Thorns:

Enchanted book

Diamond helmet

Diamond Chestplate

Chain helmet

Diamond leggings

Chain leggings

Chain boots

Golden helmet

Golden chestplate

Golden Leggings 

Golden boots

Netherite helmet

Netherite leggins

Netherite chestplate

Netherite boots

Iron helmet

Iron leggins

Iron chestplate

Iron boots

Leather Cap

Leather Tunic

Leather pants

Leather boots

Dyed leather pants

Dyed Leather Boots

Dyed Leather tunic

Dyed Leather Cap


This article covers all about what a throne is, how to get thorns in game, its different enchantments, where to find them and their usage in gameplay. Thorn enchantment is an armor tool that protects players from attackers by damaging their defense. You can get different throne levels by different ways during the gameplay. Also, a player can enchant different items of his body parts with Thorns to make him more protected.