Minecraft Conduit Frame: Each And Everything You Need To Know

minecraft conduit frame

Conduit in Minecraft

A conduit is a beacon-like block that provides power to the line while also posing a hazard to hostile aquatic monsters. Lines provide the “Conduit Power” effects to any players in touch with rain or water within a spherical range of 32-96 blocks when they are triggered. This improves the pace of underwater mining by restoring oxygen levels and allowing for night vision.

Conduits may frequently kill aggressive mobs inside an 8-block radius, including drowned and protectors. Pipes may be activated in any biome at any elevation or depth. The functional diameter of the Conduit is 16 blocks for every seven units in the frame; however, the impact does not appear until the building has a least of 16 blocks.

Minecraft Conduit Frame is a decorative block used to create Conduits in the game. This block is made of Prismarine and can create a powerful force field that protects players from hostile mobs, such as drowned or guardians, in the game. The Conduit Frame requires several pieces of Prismarine, Nether Quartz, and Heart of the Sea to be crafted. Once crafted, the Conduit Frame must be activated by surrounding it with water source blocks.

This process makes the frame emit a pulsating, glowing light and create a force field around a large area, providing a useful tool for players in their adventures. The Conduit Frame is a unique and useful feature in Minecraft, providing players with a means of protection from hostile mobs and stylish decoration for their builds.

Purpose of conduit in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Conduit poses a hazard to submerged hostile monsters, aids in oxygen replenishment, gives underwater night mode, and speeds up underwater mining. Conduits are made by placing the Core of the Sea in the crafting grid’s center and encircling it with 7 Nautilus shells. To operate a tube, you need 16 Prismarine blocks to build the most straightforward activation frame; however, a full-frame of 42 range boosts the Conduit’s reach three times.

What is the best way to obtain a conduit in Minecraft?

Materials Needed

  • Shells: 8                              
  • 1 The Sea’s Heart

Shipwrecks, which are constructions packed with various riches, delights, and a wealth map on a topographical map with a red X identifying the adjacent prize, are included in the game. Following this map, gamers must continue excavating, mainly along coasts. They must keep looking for riches until they come upon the Heart of the Sea. When a dolphin is fed raw cod or salmon, it will swim for the nearest hidden treasure, wreckage, or ocean wrecks.

On the other hand, Nautilus shells are a rare and precious item that can only be obtained through fishing. With each stage of Luck of the Sea on the game’s fishing rod, the prospects of catching nautilus shells rise substantially. The shells may be traded for 5 emeralds each by wandering dealers. Drowned can also throw shells after being slain.

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Following the crafting recipe after you have the materials.

1. Opening crafting table

Select your crafting table to start making a Conduit with the components you’ve gathered in your inventory. When you open your crafting table, you’ll see a 3×3 crafting grid.

2. Insert the shells in the following order

Besides the cell in the grid’s center, 8 Shells will be inserted to complete the grid. This indicates that the first or last rows will be filled with two Nautilus shells in the second row.

3. Put the Heart of the Sea

The Core of the Sea is also the only thing remaining to put in the grid. It will be placed in the central cell, which will result in the Conduit being created.

In Minecraft, how can you ignite a conduit?

You’ll need Conduit itself as well as Prismarine blocks to ignite a Conduit. Prismarine can be extremely tough to obtain if the user does not already have a guardian farm. The roots of Prismarine or its construction material stem from marine monuments and relics. Sixteen prismarine cubes and four sea lamps are produced by the top two strata closest to the water surface.

One of the most basic activation frames requires only 16 Prismarine pieces to trigger a conduit. With the senior guardians in the way, the only option to destroy the memorial structure is to use TNT. Once the TNT detonates, it kills the new parts while leaving others intact. TNT damages monsters without damaging underwater blocks when used without even a gravitation block.

Activate the Conduit by building the following frame

Select a location

Just choose the place for the Conduit beneath the water’s surface. A player would consider where the Conduit should be placed, bearing in view the impacts of Conduit activating and where they could need this the most.

Create a solid foundation

Once you’ve decided on a location, build a cross-shaped base out of 9 blocks. Two block lengths will protrude out of each edge, with one unit in the center. Different Prismarine chunks are seen in the image. However, having multiple blocks isn’t necessary; any Prismarine piece will suffice.

Make the pillars as follows

Build a four-block pillar at each corner of the base. This creates the most basic conduit frame. It may be expanded until you reach the 42-block limit, at which point it can also counterattack versus hostile water mobs. The Conduit’s capacity increases by seven blocks for every 7 Prismarine blocks supplied. Each tower will require four blocks, for a total of sixteen leagues.

Complete the frame

The upper Conduit activation frame will be completed by connecting the supports in the same way as the foundation below. You’ll need 5 Prismarine blocks for this.

Add another layer in the middle

The final step in the frame’s construction is to participate in the pillars halfway up the structure. The players must place one block on each side of the cornerstones and connect them at the junction. It will cost three units upon every side of the picture, for 12 blocks on all four sides.

Put the Conduit at the following location

A conduit cannot be put on “nothing” since it hovers when it is active. As a result, a momentary block must be installed on the frame’s bottom, and also the Conduit must be positioned over that block. Delete the block from below the Conduit after it is in place. The Conduit is about to be activated. Once it is turned on, an image with whirling particles will appear around.


In Minecraft, conduit provides night vision underwater, oxygen restoration, and increases underwater mining speed. You can craft conduits by placing Heart of the sea in the center of the crafting grid and surrounding it with seven Nautilus shells. For a line to be activated, you only need 16 Prismarine blocks, but with a full-frame of 42 range, the range increases by three times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How unique are nautilus seashells in Minecraft?

Fishing with an enchants rod has a 0.7 percent chance of yielding a nautilus shell, so you’ll have to spend plenty of time fishing. In BE, Suffocated have an 8% probability of spawning with a nautilus shell, and 3% in Java Version. After a first in-game day, a wandering merchant can spawn elsewhere and offer a nautilus casing as one of their bargains. These seashells can be reasonably uncommon because of more challenging collecting techniques than most goods.

  • Do conduits cause mobs to die?

Conduits do not instantly kill creatures but damage them each 2 seconds, whether they are within range, and the Conduit is entirely operational, demanding frames of 42 blocks around it.

  • Do conduits have the ability to kill protectors?

It is necessary to shoot guardians with filled to the brim conduits, although the protector has to be 8 blocks away from the Conduit and the Conduit has to be in the ocean.