Trending And Stylish Ankara Skirt Styles And Some More Facts

ankara skirt styles

What is an Ankara skirt? 

As we all know, Ankara maxi skirts are not just one of the more comfortable, flattering, and forgiving pieces of apparel, but they’re also surprisingly flexible. They’re simple to layer over and beneath. Because of their layering makes them the ideal transitional item for the coming fall months. Some days are bitterly cold, and some are still warmed by the sun.

Ankara designs are always chichi styles. Therefore, they’ve made an appearance to stay. They make statements in skirts that pair well with adoring tops. Check out our incredible collection of Anatolian skirts and various ways to wear them.

How to carry Ankara skirts?

You may wear them with almost any top or blouse of your choice, and they will provide you with that airy activity that will leave you looking radiant all day.

Ankara skirts are still stylish since they may be worn with multiple tops. The Ankara Skirt can be styled in various ways to achieve a stunning image. It comes in a straight or flared cut and is worn as a short, mini, midi, or maxi skirt.

There are several adorable ways to wear an Ankara skirt and shirt. One of the current fashion trends is wearing a crop top or peplum top with a high-waisted pencil skirt. You should also attempt the short flay skirt and long top look. Some of the current short skirt and blouse combos are as follows. If the dress is too fast, you may add some fringes to lengthen it. Fringe skirts are flattering on various body shapes and heights, including slender, tall, curvy, and overweight people.

High waist skirts          

Ankara high waist skirts are a popular Ankara fashion trend worn with tank tops, wraps shirts, turtle neck tops, and various other outfits. Suspenders can be placed on the skirts to make them more attractive.

Ankara as an African fashion 

Ankara has long been recognized as a way for Africans to make a fashion statement worldwide. It is highly regarded as one of their most valuable cultural ethics. You can wear them with the correct blouse and be ready for any event. Ankara skirts have a striking appeal and must not be overlooked in your Ankara wardrobe.

How to Pick the Right Ankara Fabric?

It’s best to choose latestest Ankara styles before deciding on which design to wear that suits your personality. Nobody wants to spend much money on something that will only last a few months. The wealthy understand the importance of selecting the suitable fabric.

Until a couple of male fashion designers, such as Soares Anthony, proved everyone wrong, the print was suggested to be feminine. These new Ankara styles are equally suitable for men. Unlike other prints, Ankara doesn’t limit based on body size.

Beeswax stuff

The most common African beeswax stuff is a strong fabric as it will not damage easily, and it is known as their most basic fabric, which ordinary people use in daily life. You must choose a good color that suits your skin and does not look awkward. 

Strong prints like green, purple, and blue would look OK on lighter-skinned persons; in contrast, brighter-colored prints such as orange and golden yellow would look excellent on darker skins. After you’ve purchased the fabric, you’ll need to decide which of the latest Ankara designs to wear.

Fabrics with Ankara prints

The unique thing about the Ankara dress is that it looks elegant on both thick and thin people, no matter which print it is. The new trending Ankara dresses are bolder than before. Also, females carry a wide variety in print of Ankara dresses daily. 

Nigerians designs 

Nigerian designs have dominated the planning industry for decades and have had a favorable impact on the public. Their concepts are readily accepted. They’re even used to make wedding gowns.

Ankara skirt and blouse designs

Here are a few stylish new Ankara designs that you should try. You’ve chosen your favorite Ankara cloth but aren’t sure which pattern to wear.

The occasion defines the planning toward which your dress will be worn. Ankara print is different. An outfit designed for a girls’ night out cannot be worn to work. Another consideration is how the clothing will be accessorized.

Short skirt & blouse in Ankara

When selecting an outfit, colors are essential because they can affect your attitude and those around you. By wearing shades of the rainbow in brilliant garments that lift off their ceiling, you can get a series of reactions of happiness. It has an impact on how you feel or how others view you. Wearing vivid, warm colors has been found to improve your satisfaction by producing dopamine, popularly known also as the feel-good hormone.

V Layers in Front

This effortless style only involves a few layers in front and a straight tuck at the sides, and we adore the detailed look.

Micro Skirt with Half Slit

A simple slit skirt to wear to an evening gathering that isn’t over-elaborate or dramatic. This can also be worn to formal events, with a simple chiffon top to emphasize the gown’s elegant appearance.

Front Rows on a High Waist Skirt

Chicamastyle is consistently recognized for serving us exciting styles, and this is one of the most fashionable styles in your closet.

Top with cap sleeves and a-line skirt

Ankara skirts can be more intriguing and stylish than you think; all you’d need is just a designer and then a vision. The A-line shape has been popular for a long, and it becomes much more intriguing when sewn into a skirt.

Stylish Straight Skirt

When you desire a simple, classy Ankara look, a simple straight Ankara dress is the first style that springs to mind. This can be worn with sleeveless turtlenecks or shirts for a more official approach.

The crop top and the Ankara skirt

Coordinating your Ankara skirt with a beautiful crop is a mainstream thing that is also quite simple. This stunning fashion looks stunning in her Ankara print ensemble, which she matched with yellow wedge sandals and minimal embellishments.


Is Ankara style still trending?

Yes, the Ankara style is prevalent in females. People follow this trend with great excitement. Because of variations in Ankara style, people used to wear different clothes in this fashion. 

Do Asians like to wear Ankara-style dresses?

There is a large variety of Ankara-style dresses. Asian females also wear and style this unique trend.