Scottish Wedding Dresses: A Comprehensive Guide About Scottish Wedding Dresses

Scottish wedding dress

Traditionally, a Scottish wedding wouldn’t be complete without selecting a wedding dress. The clan tartan plaid, striped or Victorian white wedding gown might be the traditional attire for a Scottish bride. This guide will learn about a Scottish wedding dress in detail.

Scottish wedding dress

Despite their simplicity and beauty, white wedding dresses remain a favorite today. However, Queen Victoria’s white gown did not impress the guests when she first stepped out. Usually, a royal bride wears fur, gold embroidery, and rich colors to impress the crowd! Therefore, it’s understandable why the dress didn’t have the best impact.

Before the 20th century, royal weddings were more about wealth and political contracts than love, so people expected jewels and gold. It was so heavy with jewels that Margaret of York had to be carried to church in her wedding dress in 1468! It’s pretty different from having a bridesmaid help pull your dress up when you go to the ladies! Therefore, Queen Victoria made quite an impression when she arrived in her simple white gown.

Why do Scottish brides wear white?

You’re wondering why wedding dresses are white, aren’t you? It was much more common for women to choose another color over white for their wedding dress decades ago. In western societies, especially, brides wore wedding dresses of many different colors. They wore them more out of practicality than anything else.

We’re used to buying wedding dresses only to wear them once, put them in the back of the wardrobe, and repurchase them every few years out of nostalgia. Years ago, brides often opted for a dress that they could wear again or wore the best dress they had already owned.

The Old Traditional Scottish Wedding Gown

It looks like a kind of hooded cape tied around the waist. The original wedding dress of Scotland was called an “Ari said.” Women wore only pale tartans or simple stripes in old Scotland, but men wore clan tartans, plaids, or more colorful designs. Women who wore tartans were considered harlots and treated as such. Today, if you choose to wear this very traditional clothing for your marriage ceremony, you are free to wear any color without fear of being expelled. You are getting married, after all.

It may be a good idea to do some historical research if you don’t know your clan’s colors or those of your groom’s clan. By choosing an inappropriate tartan, you would not want to offend anyone who takes their clan colors seriously. Misty Thicket in the U.S. sells tartan-patterned clothing, while Scot Web in Scotland sells anything with tartan. Check the exchange rates before you make an international purchase if you live in the U.S. or Canada, or you may get a budget-busting shock, depending on the state of the economy.

A Tradition of Modernity

Today ‘In Scotland, the bride wears a long, white wedding gown similar to those seen throughout Europe and the U.S. However, these traditional dresses have a modest décolletage compared with those worn by American brides today, who usually wear sleeveless gowns. It may be due to a cultural difference, or it may be due to the cold Scottish air. Additionally, Scottish brides wear shorter trains than their American counterparts and do not wear veils.

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One of the most beautiful and memorable Scottish wedding gowns combines the best of old and new traditions. A stunning style involves the bride wearing a tartan corset over her white wedding gown. Scottish brides also often wear tartan capes or trains with beautiful jeweled brooches or pins attached to the shoulders of their white gowns. Alternatively, you can wear a white dress with a tartan hair bow or a wide plaid ribbon tied around your waist. Your bridesmaids’ dresses can be embellished with tartan ribbon sashes to complete the Scottish theme.

Traditional Scottish wedding attire for men

Scottish grooms traditionally wear kilts, but the western tradition of wearing suits or tuxedos for men has emerged. If your groom is up to the task, his groomsmen will undoubtedly be charmed to see them in kilts, and your wedding photos will be much more colorful than if they wore dark suits. Even if your groom selects a case, you can consider adding plaid vests and neckties to enhance your Scottish wedding theme.

Your Scottish Style

You are blissfully walking down the aisle in a white wedding dress that you have always dreamed of, with a beautiful plaid cape or train falling from your back and a gold necklace with brilliant, dark stones that match your tartan plaid with your husband waiting at the altar, also wearing tartan. For years, you will be talked about your beautiful Scottish wedding because it will be that one-of-a-kind fairytale wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.


It’s more than just wearing a kilt! The quirky Scottish customs and good luck rituals you can incorporate into your ceremony range from those that have become common in weddings worldwide to those still practiced in remote parts of Scotland.

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