Who Is Brian Austin Green? Brian Austin Green Net Worth, Early Life, Education, Career And More

brian austin green net worth

Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green is an American actor who played David Silver on the television series Beverly Hills. This article discusses Brian Austin Green net worth, early life, education, etc.

Early life

15 July 1973 was Green’s birth date. In California, US, he was born to Joyce Green and George Green. His father was a western musician, while his mother was a country singer. During his childhood, he gained experience playing different roles. In 1992, he graduated from Hamilton High School Academy of Music. He dated Tori Spelling and Tiffani Thiessen from 1990 to 1995, his co-stars in Beverly Hills. Afterward, he broke up with them and got engaged to Vanessa Marcil in 2001, with whom he had a son named Kassius, but their relationship ended in 2003.

Brian Austin agе and bоdу mеаѕurеmеnt

So, how old is Brian Green in 2022, and what are his height and weight? Brian Austin Green’s age is 48 years old as of today’s date, having been born on 15 July 1973. Although he stood 6 feet 0 inches tall and measured 183 centimeters long, he weighed 176 pounds on around scale and 80 kilograms on a linear scale.


Since childhood, Brian has been involved in a variety of activities. Study at North Hollywood high school and have completed the program. Then he joined Hamilton high school’s academy of music. As a student, he was average, but he excelled as a singer and actor. He has raw talent; however, he was recognized for it early.

Personal Life

Megan Fox and Green began dating in 2004 despite having a good age difference. At the time, Green was 30, and Megan was 18 years old. Green was hesitant to get into this relationship because of the age difference and because she was still so young, but Megan’s persistence made it work. In 2010, they got married in Hawaii, and in 2015, they divorced.

Following their reconciliation in 2016, they just announced their divorce in May 2020. The couple has three sons together named Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Fox’s designer clothes were stolen from their house in 2009 by a group known as “The Bling Ring,” who are described as fashion-motivated criminals.


Beginning with soap opera roles like Knots Landing, Green started to act. His credits include Good Morning, Miss Bliss, Knot Landings: Back to the Cul-de-sac, and many others. Green was approached by the producer of Beverly Hills, who told him the character and his personality were similar, and that he was the ideal choice to play the role. Green’s character was molded to fit with David Silver’s personality.

His interest in music led him to drop his album, ‘One Stop Carnival,’ as a rapper in 1996. His next step was to appear on various TV shows and make cameo appearances. The two started dating after he appeared in Hope and Faith as a cameo. He portrayed Derek Reese in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008. Megan Fox starred in an adaptation of Fathom that he produced and co-produced. Anger Management was his guest appearance on his TV show in 2012. That episode had a record-breaking 5.74 million viewers. A podcast named ‘With Brian Austin Green’ was launched in 2017.

Вrіаn Аuѕtіn Green Net Worth

Вrіаn Аuѕtіn Green Net Worth.

Most of Green’s income comes from his acting career and production work. The estimated net worth of Brian Austin Green is $10 million. Green and Fox purchased a house in Los Angeles for around $2.95 million in 2009. They also purchased a property in Malibu for $3.3 million.


Brian has been given many prestigious honors. The HIMPFF Award was given to him in 2017 for his outstanding performance in the movie Male Astor. As the lead actor in a short film in the same world in 2017, he was nominated for the best lead actor award. The film also won the film festival in 2004.

Investment in real estate

Fox and Green spent $2.95 million on a home in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2009. A $3.75 million price tag was attached to this house when it was sold in 2014. A part of Brian and Megan’s decoupling process in 2016 was selling some of their real estate assets. Among the Los Angeles homes they sold, one sold for $2.6 million and the other for $1.29 million.

When Megan and Brian reconciled later in 2016, they bought a new 2-acre Malibu property for $3.3 million. Cynthia Pett-Dante (wife of Peter Dante, a comedy actor) was the seller. Megan sued Cynthia for $5 million in 2018, alleging the seller failed to disclose serious mold problems.

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Ѕоmе Іntеrеѕtіng Fасtѕ Yоu Nееd to Кnоw

  • He was born in Los Angeles County, California, the son of country and western musicians Joyce and George Green.
  • The actor’s middle name, “Austin,” was added to distinguish himself from another actor when he joined the Screen Actors Guild as a child.
  • Originally from North Hollywood, Green attended North Hollywood High School after attending Hamilton High School Academy of Music.
  • Before appearing on “Beverly Hills 90210,” Green played the role of Brian Cunningham, the son of Abby Cunningham Ewing, on the CBS prime-time soap opera “Knots Landing” for three seasons (1986-1989).
  • In the television miniseries “Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac,” he reprised his role.
  • Adam Moncrieff made his television debut in the pilot episode of “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” in 1987.
  • Aaron Spelling has stated that Green was cast in the role of David Silver because he thought Green’s personality was similar to the type of personality they wanted for that character.
  • In early 2010, Green won the celebrity portion of the Grand Prix of Long Beach.
  • Green launched a podcast in April 2017 entitled “With Brian Austin Green.” He hosts it with producer Derek Russell.
  • In the early and mid-1990s, Green dated his “Beverly Hills, 90210” co-star Tiffani Thiessen.

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