Who Is Ethan Cutkosky? Ethan Cutkosky Height, Early Life, Education And Everything You Need To Know

ethan cutkosky height

The actor Ethan Cutkosky comes from the United States. In the supernatural horror film “The Unborn,” Ethan Cutkosky played the role of Barton. As Carl Gallagher, the actor also stars in the Comedy TV series “Shameless” that is aired on Showtime. This guide will learn about Ethan Cutkosky’s height, early life, education, and everything you need to know.

Early Life

TV/Movie actor Ethan Cutkosky is from the United States. He is best known for his role as Carl Gallagher in the black comedy/dramedy Shameless (2011- ). He was born on 19th August 1999 in Saint Charles, Illinois, the United States. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and studied in Chicago.


Bell Graham Elementary School was where he completed his elementary school education. After that, he attended St. Charles East High School, graduating from high school. Since he was very young, he has been more interested in extracurricular activities than academic coursework.

Family of Ethan Cutkosky

The parents of Ethan Cutkosky are David and Yvonne Cabrera Cutkosky. Yvonne Cabrera Cutkosky, Ethan Cutkosky’s mother, is a teacher by profession and her father is David Cutkosky, a computer software engineer. In addition, he does not have any siblings.

Ethan Cutkosky Personal life

In addition to being single, Ethan Cutkosky is a relationship with Brielle Barbosa. Ethan and Brielle have been dating for a year now. In addition to her acting career, Brielle has starred in the romantic comedy series “The Starter Wife.”

The couple is very into each other and supports each other’s endeavors. In the coming years, I hope that we will be able to see how the couple takes their relationship to the next level and becomes entwined in a longtime marital kinship.

Yvonne Cutkosky and David Cutkosky were born in St. Charles, Illinois, the United States, and David Cutkosky attended St. Charles East for his high school education.

As recently as November 2017, Ethan got arrested for driving recklessly while impaired by marijuana. Earlier this month, he celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday, according to an information source. The DUI charges against him were dismissed after he pleaded to the authority for a lesser compensation.

Ethan Cutkosky Height and Body measurements

Ethan Cutkosky Height and Body measurements.

Ethan, a notable teen actor, stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.66m) and weighs approximately 125 pounds. Despite having short dark hair and fair skin, the 18-year-old has short dark hair. Despite having an average build and a slim appearance, the young man has short dark hair. A finely maintained set of body stats complements his overall height, which makes him quite handsome in casuals and suits.

Professional Career

He was just four years old when he starred in his first commercial. Since then, he has appeared in many more commercials and movies. He appeared in ‘Fred Claus’ alongside Vince Vaughan, Paul Giamatti, and Rachel Weiss as an eight-year-old. There wasn’t any credit for him in this film because he played a minor role.

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He was very hesitant about acting in such a movie because his parents feared that it might negatively affect him. In 2009, he collaborated with Odette Dustman and Gary, older man, on the horror film The Unborn. As well as appearing in the independent film Conviction,’ the actor convinced his parents to let him take on this role. When he portrayed the fifth Gallagher child, Shameless gave him his big break. His character played a troubled kid whose relationship with his father eventually blossomed. His portrayal of Carl won him much praise in the industry.

TV shows and movies starring Ethan Cutkosky

Since 2007, Cutkosky has been working professionally. He played Carl in the fantasy adventure film “Fred Claus” for the first time.

He made a significant breakthrough in 2009 when he portrayed a horrific character in “The Unborn.” After that, his career continued to take off, earning him roles in the drama “Conviction” in 2010 and two episodes of the legal drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 2013.

The actor is currently starring in the comedy-drama “Shameless.” Now, he has appeared in 91 episodes of the show as a prominent cast member.

Further information about Ethan Cutkosky’s latest career can be found on the Wiki or his Twitter.

Ethan Cutkosky Net Worth

As of 2018, Ethan Cutkosky’s net worth was $1 million. The amount of his salary has yet to be revealed.

He’s one of the most promising stars in Hollywood’s entertainment industry. In the television world, he has undoubtedly distinguished himself to the point where more new roles are on the way for him in films and series.

Without a doubt, the actor will accrue a considerable net worth if he lands more roles like ‘Carl’ in the future.

Some Interesting Facts you need to know. 

  • Ethan’s career as an actor/model started when he was four years old. His parents were looking for something to keep him busy, so they tried photography, which turned into modeling for commercials, followed by movies and television series.
  • A black cat named “Bear” and a crested gecko named “Colby” are among Ethan’s pets, as are anoles and fire-bellied toads.
  • During the filming of Gary Old man’s movie ‘The Unborn,’ in which Ethan played Barto, he has nicknamed ‘One Take Barton’ because he took just one take in most scenes.
  • Don’t mess with Ethan: He’s a black belt in Taekwondo martial arts.
  • His mother is 100% Mexican.
  • Home Schooling: When he isn’t able to attend school, he has a tutor who teaches him four hours a day.
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween, as he likes to scare people & do characters that scare people.
  • He tweeted to express his disappointment regarding the actor change in the new “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movie.
  • He has a background in metaphysics.
  • He was a member of the Cub Scouts.
  • Ethan is a very social person who is well-liked by his friends.

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