What Is Touch Free Car Wash? And What Are The Pros And Cons Of Touch Free Car Wash?

touch free car wash

You get a choice of going to preserving your automobile clean, safeguarding your purchase, and ensuring that it lasts for a long time. An automatic washer is an ideal solution when time is of the essence. Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of a soft-touch vs. a touch-free regular car wash, then you can make an informed decision.

Types of automatic car wash

Wrap and roller washes are the two main types of robotic washes.

  • You pull into a lane and keep motionless while the washing machinery passes by your vehicle in the spin technique. These conscience washes are commonly found at filling stations.
  • The other form, which most drivers are accustomed to, involves driving through a long tunnel while being transported on a treadmill past several synchronized equipment.

In an automatic transmission wash, there are two distinct ways to clean an automobile. You might imagine whirling soapy hula tails and floating tentacles standing near you when you imagine of a car wash. Soft materials are used to softly mop up dirt and stains from your car in this type of washing.

This trendy and practical soft-cloth vehicle wash is stylish. Lightweight materials have replaced the original “brushes” used in cleaning equipment, making the operation significantly less forceful and gritty than it was before.

Touch-free car wash

A touch-free car wash is an innovative car washing method that utilizes high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning solutions to wash vehicles without physically touching them. This car wash uses advanced technology, such as sensors and robotic arms, to target specific areas of the car and effectively remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants. The touch-free process saves time and effort and eliminates the risk of damage to the vehicle’s paint or body that can occur during manual washing.

Touch-free car washes are environmentally friendly, using less water and biodegradable cleaning solutions than traditional car washes. They also offer a more thorough and efficient cleaning process, resulting in a spotless and shiny finish for customers’ vehicles. Overall, touch-free car washes offer a convenient and modern solution for car owners looking for a quick and effective way to maintain the appearance of their vehicles.

The “touchless” wash, which uses high water jets and powerful surfactants to spray dirt off the automobile, is another approach used in some cleanings. This approach avoids direct touch with the car, but it may leave some sections filthy when it does not cleanse any panels. Furthermore, the compounds might be pretty toxic. The overall system is the same whether you pull through or drive in and whether the vehicle wash requires higher jets or soft-cloth agitation.

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Cost of touch free car washing

Some people do not give a damn. With the car’s value exceeding $40,000, you might want to consider protecting your vehicle. Your vehicle, truck, or SUV, new or used, performs a critical role in your everyday life and represents a massive investment. Wipe it nice if you want to get more out of your investment and keep it operating and looking great for as late as necessary.

Of course, you understand the necessity of routine car maintenance, such as changing your oil or replacing your brake fluid. It is also necessary to wash your car regularly. You can choose from various car wash alternatives, just as you can choose liquid fuel over ordinary motor oil or porcelain braking pads over certain organics.

Hire a professional

You may even hire a professional to wash your hands or clean your car. This could be called a high-end option. However, to keep your vehicle in good form, you must wash it at least once a month. As with most drivers, the expense and risk of arranging professional customers with impeccable service are exorbitant. No, you should clean your car regularly. That implies the service must be both convenient and affordable.

Automatic car wash

So you’re left with two other options, most of which are incredibly convenient. Both of these items will not set you back an excessive amount. Each one is a fully automated or semi-automated procedure. Whereas hand washing (do it yourself or hire a pro) takes a long time, an automatic vehicle wash takes just minutes. It is accessible sufficiently that you may drive through as many times as you need without disrupting your already hectic schedule.

You may have heard that an autonomous drive vehicle wash is terrible for your vehicle. In truth, there are numerous concerns about automatic car cleaning. The truth is that every power washing option can have a beneficial or harmful influence on your automobile. However, each strives to cause the least amount of damage while properly cleaning your vehicle.

Deep cleaning

Tiny segments and sub, for example, can occur when dirt that is now on your car is wiped over the paintwork. Scuff marks can also happen if you use filthy sponges or rags. Even the sort of towel you use can affect the result. Producing quality and procedures, both mechanical and automatic, are now available to help lessen the harmful effects and safeguard your paint. Automatic vehicle washes achieve this in various methods, and they fall into two groups, each with its approach.


A driver reaches the wash trench in most smooth automatic transmission washes, chooses from a menu of wash services available and a buffet-style extra, and charges an assistant before the automobile is automatically directed through the trench on a rack. As your car goes by, the whirling brushes, suspending curtains, and whirling pressurized water do their stuff. However, your automobile remains still in specific soft-touch cleaning equipment while various robotic apparatus travel around it.

In a touchless automatic transmission wash, the same principle applies. As a sequence of sensor devices sweep around the car, it remains stationary. The most significant difference between a gentle and a touch-free car dealership is that only the wash materials and the liquid come into contact with your automobile in a slight bit of wash. There are no cleansers or rags. The theory is that carefully structured detergents emulsify pollutants on the car, allowing water jets to blast them away without creating tension or roughness.


While the concept of a touch-free cleaning is appealing (and it does remove direct interaction with your automobile), it does have one drawback:

  • It is tough to dissolve and deep clean grease and a variety of other impurities without any mechanical scrubbing action.
  • Physical and chemical substances on your car may not be eliminated, mainly if they are significant.
  • Damn tricky regions, such as cracks and holes, may not be entirely handled by touch-free wipes.
  • The computer network that regulates the performance of a touch-free service station must be serviced in time to retain the equipment running precisely and effectively.
  • Changes in the climate and other external conditions must be constantly monitored and controlled for chemical cleaning products. Using solid chemicals instead of physical intimacy can destroy some paint processes and remove numerous protective coats such as wax and paint sealant, reducing the benefits these preventive treatments should otherwise provide.


The touchfree car wash works just like an automated car wash. You select the type of wash you want and pay for it using a machine. With this type of car wash, in-bay or tunnel car washes are also possible. A touchless in-bay car wash involves the owner of the car driving into the bay and staying in a spot where the car wash equipment is cleaning the car. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is automatic car wash expensive?

Yes, automatic car is expensive as compared to manually.

  • Which one is best idea touch free car wash or soft touch car wash?

Off course touch free car wash is best idea but it is expensive as compared to soft touch car wash.